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Carter's Play Play is now offering Occcupational Therapy (OT) services including:

  • Sensory Integration (see below for description)

  • Fine Motor Skills (e.g., handwriting)

  • Self Help Skills (e.g., dressing)

  • Feeding Skills

Evaluations and OT appointments (one-hour in length) are now being scheduled. 

Please contact us here  or call us at 317-763-1568 to request more information.

In Network:  Anthem (BC/BS), CareSource, MHS (Ambetter), Encircle/Encore, Medicaid, United Healthcare (04/28), Sagamore (05/01), Cigna (05/06), Tricare (West) (~June 2018)

***LEL Home Services can provide approved Medicaid services at Carter’s Play Place***

What is Sensory Integration?  

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Sensory integration refers to the brains ability to take in sensory stimuli, make sense of it and act upon it appropriately.  Some people can be over and under sensitive to the input impacting how they respond and therefore impacting daily activities and social situations.  Sensory refers to visual, auditory, tactile/touch, olfactory/smell,taste.  There is also three other senses that we are not taught about : vestibular, sense of movement, proprioception, body awareness, and kinesthesia, how the body is moving.  Some signs of sensory integration problems could include but not limited to:

  • Over-sensitive to sounds such as vacuum cleaner, mixer, toilet flushing

  • Seeking movement all the time / Difficulties sitting still and attending or deliberately crashing into objects to seek input or the opposite being very fearful of movement or having feet off the ground

  • Dislike touching wet or different textures

  • Gagging with textures of foods or picky eaters.

If you have any questions about your child's sensory responses please contact our experienced OT, Martha Burrows. 


Martha Burrows, OTR            Occupational Therapy Director

Martha has over 30 years of occupational therapy field experience. She completed her undergrad at Indiana University then completed Ayers's program training at the University of Southern California. Dr. Jean Ayers, PhD OTR, developed the original framework for Sensory Integration. 

Martha has been traveling all over Indiana performing evaluations for Indiana's First Step program.  She is extremely passionate about working with and helping children.  

Martha currently resides in Westfield, Indiana and has two children (one with sensory processing issues).